The Lean Career is about Building Career Confidence™

The Lean Career explores the design of the job market. How it’s changed, what’s different and what’s required.

The Core Problem

Each time we make a career change we face substantial barriers. We must navigate our obligations, identify our motivations, and honestly evaluate what we’ve achieved. But the greatest challenge comes from the organizations we want to work for next. Organizations unintentionally hide the one thing that can make hiring easier for us and them: information about their urgent business needs. This information is why insiders seem to ascend easily and outsiders fall. This information is one of the primary benefits of privilege; you could even say it defines privilege. People who run a Lean Career eliminate their wasted effort and win better jobs by engaging organizations in the same way successful startups engage new customers.

My Experience

Prime14_0414My career has been all over the place. My path was intentional, but hard to explain. As a result, I’ve been a person who was safely employed and then laid off due to lack of work. I have cofounded 2 startup companies, hired employees and created new business partnerships. And most recently, I’ve redesigned the way the University of Chicago prepares graduates students for careers that impact the world. My unusual career path gave me a unique vantage point, and from all different angles, on many of the core problems in the job market today. I absorbed how the system failed everyone involved and was exposed to new tools that wouldn’t normally have a chance to come together. I’ve combined those tools into something new and tested it with over 800 skilled, smart, and ambitious people. The result is the most powerful way to manage a career and Build Career Confidence™. This blog and an upcoming book share my approach to achieving it.

For Seekers Both Outside and In

The job market is depressingly inefficient. If you’ve made a transition in the last 5 years or if this is your first time in a decade, you can feel it.

How we find work is something that affects everything in our lives–our self-confidence, our relationships, our communities, and the economy. The ideas you’ll find at The Lean Career will have the greatest relevancy for those making a career transition and those thinking about hiring someone new. The Lean Career method adapts successful approaches to similar problems in business and startups and combines them with a framework for effective communication pioneered at the University of Chicago.

The combination is powerful. Our method restores confidence to people looking for work and gives certainty to those who hire them.

Comments Welcome

I invite you to offer your thoughts and experiences from your career and to help develop these ideas as a community. I believe that the job market’s complexity means success comes from nimble experimentation. The more we test these principles—in the context of our own unique experiences–the more quickly we can adapt and get on with doing great work–and paying the bills.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Will Gossin, Founder & Author