G/Que is a new series at The Lean Career that explores the experiences of people at work.

Each month, the Proust Questionnaire in Vanity Fair magazine shares a celebrity’s answers to the same couple dozen questions. But with a few tweaks I thought it had the potential to provide a fascinating window into the careers of everyday people.

I have adapted it into the Gossin Questionnaire (G/Que) and am looking to collect hundreds of career experiences and get at least 1 person from every state and from as many countries as possible. I’ll curate all the submissions and share them here in a new series of posts.

Results from the early submissions surprised me–to be posted soon. I think you’ll be curious as well to learn what it might have been like to take another path.

Please fill it out and share it with people you find interesting (link: http://bit.ly/g-que). It’s for anyone who’s ever worked a day in their lives. I want to hear from you.