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Samarth Bhaskar | G/Que No. 3

What is your idea of a perfect day at work? My idea of a perfect day at work involves learning something new (technical or domain knowledge), having a stimulating conversation and incrementally adding a little bit of progress to an on-going long term project. Which aspect of your work do you most despise? I most

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Writer/Editor, Illinois, Age 29 | G/Que No. 2

What is your idea of a perfect day at work? A cup of coffee in the morning and lots of uninterrupted time to research and write Which aspect of your work do you most despise? Brainstorming meetings–as an introvert, I do my best thinking in solitude. Actually, a lot of meetings are unbearable at times,

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The Legacy Career

Drama on Our Pale Blue Dot

From a distance economic history may seem mundane, but it’s full of drama. Drama that gives us a more accurate understanding of career making today. I’ve spent parts of the summer intensely researching the design of the job market and the stories that emerged in the data are remarkable. The Flow of History As I

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Networking, Professional Identity, Strategy

When to Take an Internship

Internships can be an effective way to make a transition out of school or into a new career. But they aren’t always the right decision. Any internship you accept should be relevant to your ultimate career goal (i.e. next permanent position) in one of two ways: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities or Domain Expertise   In

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For Organizations

Resumes and the Post-Qualification World

There was a recent blog post in Harvard Business Review in which Vikram Mansharamani urges us to “All Hail the Generalist”! Oh, how I wish. The author suggests that expertise is no longer the greatest competitive advantage and that candidates should prepare themselves to contribute as generalists. While I believe Mansharamani undervalues the continuing role

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Evernote for Networking

Information is only valuable when it’s curated. This is especially true when you network. When information is efficiently organized you’ll be prepared to take advantage of the small allocation of spontaneous serendipity we are all given. I’ve been using Evernote for about 6 months now and find it enormously helpful for managing my networking. Evernote

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