BS: Bold Storytelling

BS: Bold Storytelling

Think of BS as a combination of Trivia Night and Professional Development.  I’ve designed this event series to bring professionals together for more meaningful networking. Most events have you fill out a name-tag and invite you to schmooze. It rarely goes well. After coming home frustrated too many times I wanted to create something more relevant.

At this event, we work as individuals and teams to learn new ways of sharing who we are professionally. No matter where you’re at in your career you should be thinking about getting to the next level. And the stories that you tell are what get you there. This event series will give you the confidence to deliver them well.

After working with 87 professionals in BS: Bold Storytelling events the Fall of 2015, we came up with a new format that better addresses storytelling at every stage of our professional careers.

Each session will clearly focus on one of those stages which include:

  • First Contact (Networking events, business dinners, investor events, airplanes, etc)
  • Cold Calling/Emailing (How to initiate a conversation when you can’t get an introduction)
  • Informational Interviews (How to share your experience and goals no matter what stage you’re at)
  • Formal Interviews (How to tell stories that resolve doubt about your abilities)
  • Salary Negotiation (Both when you get an offer and during performance reviews)

What to Expect

  • Catered Meal, Beer, Wine, & Soft-drinks
  • I’ll give a 20min overview on crafting compelling stories starting promptly at 6pm. This will give everyone the toolkit they need to be dangerous. Please arrive on time.
  • We’ll work individually and on small teams to craft compelling stories and build confidence delivering them
  • Most BS: Bold Storytelling events are held at 1871 at Merchandise Mart in Chicago.

Join Us, Expand Your Network, and Learn to BS Your Way to the Top.

You’re Invited

Dates for our next BS: Bold Storytelling sessions will be announced soon–usually one per month. Add yourself to the invite list and we’ll send you a notification before anyone else.