Corporate Training

People + Performance

Our lead facilitator, Will Gossin, is an expert in the decision making of hiring–how people choose organizations and how organizations choose people. Will has trained groups large and small and will work with you to prepare a one-time lecture or a multi-day training. Our Corporate Training practice is based on our success researching and working with over 800 candidates. Our approach draws on our unique research on the modern job market and our application of lean management principles to recruitment and hiring. We help organizations eliminate barriers to high-yield hiring and maximizing long-term team performance.

Organizations of all sizes depend on the quality of their teams and face two core challenges:

  1. Designing a recruitment strategy to attract and select top talent across roles.
  2. Designing organizational process and culture that ensure the right people are in the right roles at the right time.

We believe both sides of the job market are inefficient and that organizations must create new competitive advantages. We help organizations rethink their processes and practices to build more satisfied and productive teams.

Training Topics Include:

  • Rethinking Hiring Assumptions to Recruit Top Talent
  • Creating Performance Opportunities to Build Great Teams
  • Leveraging Diversity (of all kinds) for Performance
  • Coaching Executives and Teams on Rigorous Interview Techniques
  • Aligning Hiring Practices with Emerging Job Market Opportunities
  • Auditing and Design Consults for Your Recruitment Processes


Right People in the Right Role at the Right Time

When it comes to hiring, the promise of the internet under-delivers. Rather than enabling managers to creatively assess talent, most managers spend their time sorting through the huge volume of applications they receive. We can help your supervisors and managers improve their hiring process to maximize quality and leverage diversity.

When it comes to retaining top talent, organizations often trust employees to manage their own internal career paths. Employee-driven development can be efficient when the right norms and expectations are in place company-wide. We can coach your employees to proactively engage their current roles with long-term success in mind.

We can help you get the right people in the right roles at the right time. To do so, we’ll help you rethink your hiring and people practices.


Pricing & Scheduling

Interested in growing your organization through hiring, culture, and people management? Email us at and we’ll setup a quick call to learn more about your organization and what it can be.

All training pricing is dependent on final scope. Nonprofit pricing is available.