The Lean Career | Foundations

What’s your Goal?

Foundations teaches you a new way to connect your past experience to the organizations you want to work for next. This is training in the art of career making. A skill set that you’ll use to successfully navigate every career transition until you retire. In Foundations, you’ll learn how to manage your career path more effectively and do more meaningful work. You’ll learn to craft new professional identities, not by self-evaluation alone, but by purposefully exploring the professional world around you.  You’ll learn specific techniques to gain certainty about your next steps and gain confidence in your path. No wasted effort.

Free Consultation: I love talking to people about their career decisions. If you’re curious about this workshop, I offer free 15min phone consultations to discuss where you’re at and what you’d like to achieve. I want to make sure Foundations is a good fit for you. As part of your decision making, email me to set up a quick call (team (at)

Foundations of Clarity

The Lean Career Foundations is a different kind of professional workshop.  Of the 800 students and professionals I’ve worked with, nearly all started with only loose ideas of what they wanted to do next. Most were overwhelmed with how to start. Those who thought they were certain, almost always changed their minds. And that’s a good thing. Doubt tells us what we have to learn. Foundations is about replacing that doubt with confidence. This is the art of career making.

Faster Decisions, No Wasted Effort

Many of us waste years of our professional lives because of bad assumptions we made early on.  We pursue careers that inspired us as kids or that our family members or teachers told us we should consider. All the while we imagined, even idealized, what life will be like on a particular path. Unfortunately, the traditional career advice we all received leads us to make this mistake. We’re promised that once we realize our passions or strengths everything will work out. It usually doesn’t.

After all, there is no such thing as strength without a context.

Whenever someone makes career decisions based on their own strengths or passions, they leave out the more important half of the equation by far–what the world demands. There is no such thing as a strength without a context. There is no passion that can sustain someone without the opportunity to realize it.

Uncover Surprising Opportunities

In my experience working with hundreds of candidates, professionals often find their most satisfying work in organizations that they weren’t even aware of initially. What they discover is that they achieve a sense of meaning and satisfaction by working in a supportive environment in which they feel utilized. That’s how they find their purpose. That’s where they do great work.

The Goal: Eliminate wasted effort and gain confidence in your professional path.

The job market today is fundamentally different than it was even 15 years ago. Anyone who has looked for a job recently feels the difference. The old, legacy advice no longer works and puts people on a roller-coaster of  enthusiasm and despair. But over the past 5 years I’ve developed a new approach. The Lean Career method addresses the job market as it is today–fluid, dynamic, and more uncertain. And full of much more opportunity if you know how to navigate it. Based on principles that brought speed and efficiency to manufacturing and startups, The Lean Career method in Foundations will guide you in building career confidence.