Switch is for anyone looking to make a change into a New Organization or Industry. The Switch edition of Foundations focuses on answering the big questions around what to do next. What excites me professionally? What am I qualified for? How do I get the attention of HR and managers in a new field? Hint: The answers aren’t through self-reflection or your strengths and passions alone.

In Switch, you’ll learn:

  • How the job market has fundamentally changed and what it means for getting hired
  • How to confidently pick a few companies to pursue from the thousands out there
  • How to strategically choose roles that lead to dream jobs (what I call milestone roles)
  • How to gain new value from networking with both old professional contacts and new relationships
  • How to use storytelling to win jobs

Schedule & Timing: Each session of Foundations takes place over half a day on a Saturday and one weekday evening. On Saturday, we’ll alternate between instruction and interaction from 9am to 1pm. We’ll have snacks and drinks throughout and order in lunch at noon so we can stay focused. A week later you’ll send me some deliverables for feedback. Two weeks later, we’ll meet in groups of 3-4 for a small group session of feedback and more personalized guidance. This format is designed to give those looking for a change the greatest value for their time. Over these two weeks I’ll help you solidify a new approach for gaining confidence in a new path.

Free consultation: Have questions? Almost everyone does. I offer free 15min phone consultations to discuss where you’re at and what you’d like to achieve. I want to make sure Foundations is a good fit for you. As part of your decision making, email me (team (at) theleancareer.com) to set up a quick call.

You’re Invited

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